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Are you tired of opening and plotting each and every AutoCAD drawing and do you work like a robot repeating the same process of open-plot-close, open-plot-close... on all your drawings?

Then dwgPlotX is here to your rescue. Just select all the AutoCAD files you want to print, set all the parameters and click Plot. By the time you`re finished with your snacks, all the selected drawings would have plotted to your satisfaction.

dwgPlotX features an easy windows explorer style user interface where you can select multiple folders, individual files or search all the subfolders for the dwg drawing files. You have plotter and paper selection available from the ones present on your system-which it automatically scans for , and also option for setting the plot rotation and the plot style table.

It has extensive batch plotting options like setting number of copies of each drawing to be plotted,setting if all layouts are to be plotted (and whether to include the Modelspace) and setting the number of times the whole batch has to be repeated - for those multiple copies .

In addition to plotting the drawings (.dwg), dwgPlotX also fetures a great bulk replacement option for both normal and block text strings strings enabling you to change that author info or any other information in multiples drawings at once. Furthermore, it can also export the dwg files to EPS, BMP, WMF, DXF formats. By selecting appropriate plotters - already available with AutoCAD, the dwg files can be easily converted to JPG or PDF or DWF formats with a button click.

dwgPlotX is an indispensable drawing office tool which can increase the drawing office productivity by leaps and bounds by sparing precious mahours which could surely be utilized for more productive work.


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