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Beschreibung Bizz RSS Feed Liner:

Eine RSS Zeile auf dem ihre PC Monitor ... und SIE WISSEN ALLES ...
Feed Liner = Feed Ticker + Feed Reader + Feed Browser + Feed Screen Saver + Feed Catalogues + ... viel mehr ...

Englische Beschreibung von Bizz RSS Feed Liner:

One RSS line on your screen ... and YOU ALWAYS KNOW ...

You for sure already know some of the RSS / XML Feed Readers ... but have you
already met a Feed Liner and Feed Browser?

Feed Liner = Feed Ticker + Feed Reader + Feed Browser + Feed Screen Saver
+ Feed Catalogues + ... much more ... ---


Bizz™ FeedLiner is definitely different from all the Feed and RSS Readers you may
have seen up to now and this is not the only reason why it is for sure worth to try.

It is not only the next e-mail client parsing RSS tags in XML files, but the
integral part of the whole new Bizz™ Feeds concept allowing to change
the conventional approach of gathering informations on the Internet from
endless surfing and painful searching to continuous observing of everything
you might be interested in.

Main advantages

* News-Bar (Ticker) with rolling text instead of the always jammed News-Box
* Designed for PR, marketing, advertising, promotions and commercial use
* Continuous Observing / Watching of all interesting informations instead
of endless searching among the thousand of non sense links ...
* Instead of small banner space you can now use the full screen
* Allows full customer company branding
* Preloaded built-in catalogues (build upon customer request)
* Various information may use different ways of presentation
* Ideal for presentations of leaflets, flyers and product catalogues
* Offering the products and prices instead of logos and links
* Unique internal Tabbed Feed Browser with template selection option
* Access to Online worldwide Feed catalogue
* Possibility to work with RSS but also with all the other
XML files using embedded XSL templates system
* using for Bizz™ Cards, CDO - Commercial Data Objects
* ... and many other features and recent technologies

System allows to present and observe everything starting from news headlines,
through products promotions and sales, up to your free time interest
and Blogs (You may get inspired by the many preconfigured Real live Feeds
of our largest partners).


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