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What is it?
This Windows-based software and multi platform ASP service makes it easy and affordable to detect network and website failures early, minimizing downtime and avoiding economic impact.

What does it do?
Businesses increasingly rely on their networks to move data, provide communication and enable basic operations. As networks and computer technology become more integrated with business, system outages can seriously impact the bottom line.

IPCheck Server Monitor 4 helps organizations monitor critical network resources and immediately detect system failures or performance problems.

IPCheck Server Monitor 4 Features
Whatever monitoring solution you choose, hosted or run-your-own, IPCheck Server Monitor is the right choice. It offers:

Reliable monitoring using Paesslers IPCheck™ Technology
Easy to use and intuitive interface
Attractive pricing that offers exceptional value
Monitoring using various protocols:
Advanced HTTP sensors (e.g. for content checks)
Global HTTP monitoring from various datacenters world wide
HTTP transactions
and even more sensors for the downloadable version
Notifications can be triggered by uptimes, downtimes or slow responses
Notifications sent to you by email, ICQ, SMS or pagers
Basic Monitoring reports sent to your mailbox daily, weekly or monthly
Detailed reports and graphs can be viewed online


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