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Automatic USB Backup

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Beschreibung Automatic USB Backup:

Erstellt Sicherungskopien aller Dateien auf USB-Laufwerken und arbeitet auch mit mehreren Rechnern. Backups werden versioniert und im Hintergrund angefertigt. Nur neue Dateien werden gesichert.

Englische Beschreibung von Automatic USB Backup:

An automatic Backup, Restore solution!

Insert any USB storage device into your computer and the software automatically copies your files to and from the USB drive - no clicks or keystrokes necessary.

Automatic USB Backup is designed to do one thing and do it well - make it as convenient as humanly possible to backup your files. Why make it convenient? So that you`ll actually do it! Automatic USB Backup is perfect for:

Power Users` Friends & Relatives
If you are the resident `computer expert` called in to deal with your friends` and families` computing problems, you know most of the people you support to do not know how to backup, let alone do it regularly. Have them purchase a USB memory key and install and configure Automatic USB Backup for them. No matter how inexperienced they are, if they can plug in a

Computer Vendors
You know your customers will be coming to you if they have a hard drive failure or accidentally delete their documents. Differentiate your store from the competition by including a low-cost memory key and Automatic USB Backup with each system you sell. Your customers will be impressed that all they have to do is plug in a USB key to be safely backed up, and your support costs will be lower.


* Automatically runs backup, restore on USB drive insertion
* Easy wizard-based configuration
* Drag and drop interface for easy file selection
* Unlimited number of files and directories
* Basic and Advanced modes
* Ability to store `backups of backups` if space permits
* Ability to `undo` a restore if space permits
* Standard Zip Compression model option
* Hidden Mode option
* Backup over a LAN (Local Area Network)
* Backup Multi PCs to one USB (Auto detected)
* Easily upgrade your backup USB drive to a larger USB device
* OEM Version - Add your Business`s logo and contact information that is shown while backup is in progress


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