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Majesty 2 - Patch 1.3.336 - Game: Majesty 2 - The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Majesty 2 - Patch 1.3.336

Majesty 2 - The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

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New features and fixes
- Added "randomize" feature in all missions of the game, including multiplayer. Switching on randomize mode shuffles locations of non-quest monster dens, and places for construction of temples and trading posts. Warning! This can dramatically affect the difficulty of the mission.
- Random filling of chests. Now heroes can find various amounts of gold, as well as weapons, armour, elixirs, and artifacts.
- Added the possibility of purchasing additional game content. Part of additional content is available for free.
- Added map editor with a short manual.
- Fixed display of hints for icons in multiplayer lobby
- Added system of automatic synchronization in case of critical mistiming in multiplayer.
- Optimized work of some GUI components
- Added Anisotropy to additional graphic settings, which dramatically improves display of textures
- On mini-maps graves of monsters no longer appear as an alive enemy
- Added ability to view a list of heroes who are interested in a selected flag
- Opened access to basic resources game for mode-makers
- Added network compatibility of versions with different languages. Now only number of version influences the connection possibility, not localization language. Warning! Foreign language in chat may be displayed incorrectly.
- Multiplayer compatibility for the Majesty 2 with installed "Kingmaker" expansion.

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